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HomeStats™ is a market analysis and business intelligence platform that allows marketers to identify sales and marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

HomeStats™ is a continuing survey of consumer purchases in the housewares category. It profiles consumers, retailers and specific product categories. Several comprehensive reports are issued annually. Please click here to register to receive announcements and report prospectuses.

A company’s key success factors, may change over time, especially as a market or product category progresses through its life cycle. HomeStats will help you…

  • Identify market trends (in pricing, distribution, branding, online sales, etc) to better understand evolving opportunities and threats.
  • Gain insights on your competitors in order to successfully compete.
  • Identify market structure (pricing, distribution, branding, online sales, etc) and market trends.

HomeStats™ reports bring critical information that has never been available before and it does so at affordable prices. HomeStats reports delivers information to guide and enhance strategic and tactical decision-making.