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IHA HomeStats™ is a market analysis and business intelligence platform that allows marketers to identify sales and marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a careful audit and analysis of a product category.

HomeStats™ is brought to you by Design Research in cooperation with the International Housewares Association

A company’s key success factors, may change over time, especially as a market/product category progresses through its life cycle.  HomeStats will help you

  • Identify market trends to better understand evolving opportunities and threats.
  • Gain insights on your competitors in order to successfully compete.
  • Identify market structure and market trends.

HomeStats™ is a subscription service that brings critical information to companies that has never been available before and it does so at affordable prices.HomeStats reports delivers information to guide and enhance strategic and tactical decision-making.  HomeStats surveys a national sample of consumers to deliver statistically valid data on…

Market Size
  • Track market growth to understand where opportunities lie and the size of the opportunity they present
Market Share
  • So you can tell whether you are growing, keeping up or falling behind in your segment(s)
Complete Coverage of all Channels
  • Understand the size of each channel of distribution. Where are you excelling? What opportunities are you missing? Learn more
Competitive Market Shares
  • To understand which brands succeed and why
Category Pricing
  • To understand how your prices stack up to the category and to your competitors
Category and Brand Demographics
  • To see who your consumers are and to see how they are similar to and different from those of your competitors
Online Market Share
  • Understand the growing shift of sales from traditional stores to the digital sphere, identifying exactly where category and brand opportunities exist
Wedding Related Market Share
  • Analysis of what % of sales in the category is related to weddings/bridal showers/engagement gifts


HomeStats delivers everything you need to segment your business to pursue opportunities while carving out and owning your unique product and price segments. 

Design Research can help you to round out your product development strategy through original consumer research on concepts, colors, styles and designs.  Call us today to learn more!