Flip the 80/20 Rule

80% of new products fail.

90% of the products Design Research tests and recommends succeed.

Don't miss the mark again.
Let Design Research flip the
80/20 rule in your favor.


The right product,
the right design,
the right price

Enjoy ...

Greater sales and profits
Longer product life cycles


Potential spin-offs
New consumers to your franchise
Increased interest and demand from your distribution partners

Triple Your Sales

Proprietary Design Testing Mechanism
proven to increase unit sales three-fold.

We understand design.


Empowering you with the insights to engage,
excite, and delight your consumers

We provide solutions

Decades of experience
Thousands of research projects

We deliver results that boost your bottom line.


Breakthroughs, Revelations and New Product Directions

Design Research is a boutique consumer insights agency with decades of experience in testing product designs and identifying unmet consumer needs for designers, product developers, and marketers.

We are strategic minded industry veterans whose experience is focused on solving problems.

80% of all new products fail, yet the success rate of products we test and recommend exceeds 90%!

Increase your success rate. Open doors to new segments, products, designs, and opportunities.

Call Design Research.

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Growing Profits by Design

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