Speaking Engagements

As researchers, we spend a great deal of time talking with consumers and observing their behavior. As such, we are often asked what consumers are thinking about and what clients should do about it. This often comes in the form of a request for a speech. We are happy to oblige our clients and friends with our observations.

Places and organizations to which we recently made presentations:

Our presentations:

We present verifiable information based on quantitative and qualitative research. While we often share charts and tables, we work hard to bring numbers alive with photos and tapes of consumers (presented anonymously) sharing their thoughts and behaviors because we realize that not everyone absorbs statistical information but most everyone can relate to what real people are saying.

As researchers, we try to tell a story for the audience, but we don't make up stories.  If we make a statement, it is verifiable. We aren't self-appointed gurus. We are experienced professionals who combine years of experience interacting with consumers with statistical evidence gained from quantitative surveys. If we make a statement, we can back it up. We strive to give solid, grounded information and direction in our presentations.

Speaker profiles: