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The American Living Survey™ is a unique tool that enables you to look to the future with more certainty. TALS delivers a profile of how Americans are living today, how taste and styles are changing, and what consumers are seeking in the future. It can guide not only design direction, but influence everything from specific products to marketing.

Our latest 2019 TALS REPORT – FIVE YEARS OF KITCHEN DESIGN TRENDS AND CONSUMER NEEDS IN KITCHEN PRODUCTS finds the needs and desires of consumers for kitchen products and kitchen décor is completely different in 2019 than just a few years ago. Learn what thrills and excites consumers in 2019 by selecting BUY NOW.  Or click here for more details on the report.


HomeStats™ is a market analysis and business intelligence platform that allows marketers to identify sales and marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. HomeStats™  is a continuing survey of consumer purchases in the housewares category.  It profiles consumers, retailers and specific product categories.  Several comprehensive reports are issued annually.  The 2018 reports will be issued in the first quarter of 2019.  Please click here to register to receive announcements and report prospectuses.