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Bridal Monitor™ is the is the only bridal registrations tracking service. It surveys engaged and recently married women and identifies the brands and categories couples are registering for. Bridal Monitor reports market share of registrations by brand, by product category and by store as well as projecting the total size of the bridal market for each product category tracked. Bridal Monitor is an essential tracking mechanism for brands that wish to gain a foothold in newly forming households.

Bridal Monitor Summary Reports

  • Summary Report: $99
  • Registry Report: $1,499

The American Living Survey™ is a unique tool that enables you to look to the future with more certainty. TALS delivers a profile of how Americans are living today, how taste and styles are changing, and what consumers are seeking in the future. It can guide not only design direction, but influence everything from specific products to marketing.

  • Beverageware = $499
  • Cookware and Bakeware = $499
  • Dinnerware = $499
  • Flatware = $499
  • Household Electrics = $499
  • Kitchen Electrics = $999
  • Knives = $499
  • Tabletop = $499
  • Towels and Sheets = $499