HomeStats™ Distribution Channel Tracking

HomeStats Offers COMPLETE COVERAGE of ALL CHANNELS of Distribution

HomeStats™ is unique in that it tracks all channels of distribution.  No other retail tracking service in the home arena can make such a claim.  That’s because HomeStats™ is organized around the only common denominator in the home purchase process – the consumer.  After a consumer records a purchase with HomeStats™ they are asked where they made that purchase.  We record and report their answers in two ways:  by selected store and by channel.  We currently track 21 channels of distribution (see table below).  Not all of those channels carry all categories of housewares goods, but all carry something of relevance.  All of the HomeStats™ reports depict dollar and percentage sales of the category by all channels that carry that category.

In addition, HomeStats™ tracks purchases from selected large stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ikea and Walmart (see table below).  Purchases from these “named” stores are counted in the channels report (so Walmart purchases are reported in the Mass Merchant channel) and individually in the Retailers section of the reports (also with dollar and percentage sales reported).

Does your company have sales in all of these channels?  Have you even considered all of these channels?  Are you looking for growth?  Let HomeStats™ point the way to new opportunities for your company.  Subscribe today!  

Channel Definitions

Channels Tracked Stores Tracked Other Example Stores in Channel
Mass Merchants WM, KM, Target
Warehouse Clubs Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s
National Chains Sears, JCP, Kohl’s
Department Stores Macy's Dillard’s, Belks, Boscov’s, Bon-Ton, Shopko or Burlington
Kitchen Specialty Williams-Sonoma Sur La Table, or other independent kitchen stores
Home Lifestyle P Barn, C&B West Elm, CB2 or Restoration Hardware, Brookstone or Sharper Image
Home Discount TJMaxx, HomeGoods or Marshall’s
Grocery Kroger, Shop-Rite, Safeway, Aldi, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods or HEB
Pharmacy CVS, Rite-Aid or Walgreen
Dollar Store Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or 99 cents
Military Post Exchange AAFES, NEX, MCX, CGX, DeCA
Online-Only Store Amazon Zullily, Wayfair-does not include Mfgr websites, websites of other brick & mortar stores
Home Party Distributor Pampered Chef, Tupperware or Cutco
Surplus Merchandise Big Lots, Odd Lots or Ollie’s
Coffee Shops Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
Sporting Goods or Fan Merchandise Stores REI, Dick’s, L.L.Bean or MLB Merchandise
Gift Stores or Souvenir Shops Disney or independents
Home Improvement Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Tru-Value
Televised Shopping Channels QVC, HSN, Food Network
Manufacturer's Stores Manufacturer's Outlet Stores, Websites or Online Stores
Craft Stores Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann Fabrics
Wine Stores, Liquor Stores, Wineries or Distilleries
Ikea – reported as both a store and a channel because it is unique.
Bed, Bath & Beyond –reported as both a store and a channel because it is unique.
Not Sure/Don’t Know – (If a respondent checks this box, they are asked to physically examine the item for the brand name)
Other: (please specify)