Janine Michalek, Sr. Vice President of Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights


Janine Michalek is a valued expert in consumer and market insights; improving products and brands via comprehensive market analysis coupled with a deep understanding of American consumers. Her expertise in UX research has helped 80+ world-class companies bring superior products and services to the market.  She identifies disruptive and innovative market opportunities by being a passionate macro & micro cultural and generational trends watcher, as well as having a long history of expertise in design trends.  As Sr. Vice President of Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights for Design Research, Janine is known for her strategic thinking, drawing powerful recommendations based on hard data that simply put, directly lead to maximizing profit and value.  

Prior to joining Design Research, as Director of Strategic Research at Lenox, Inc., Janine worked closely with both senior management and the Board of Directors in developing Strategic Business Plans that were in-line with consumer desires as well as market demands.

Janine possesses a diverse toolbox of innovative research techniques, from advanced statistical research methods such as conjoint, segmentation, price sensitivity measurement, gap analysis, factor analysis, and discriminant analysis to open innovation/ideation, and product/concept/usability/user experience testing for new product development.

Janine graduated from The College of William and Mary with a B.B.A. in Business Marketing.