Insights to Inspire Your Successful Product Designs

Create Better Products - Triple Your Sales

  • How do I identify new product opportunities?
  • How do I create new products that consumers really need and want?
  • How do I avoid introducing flops?

Highly successful companies take the time to dig deep to learn what consumers really need and want, to identify and address unmet needs in a way that truly benefits the consumer and thereby creates real growth opportunities.

Design Research has the tools, know-how and experience to dig deep to understand how consumers use the products they have and to identify gaps in products that consumers may not even know exist. Through qualitative research techniques such as in-depth interviews and ethnographic investigations we unearth opportunities that no one has previously thought of. We visit consumers in their homes, interview them, watch them use products, examine their closets, attics, garages, have them keep diaries, take photos of products in use; whatever it takes to learn about how and why they use the products they have and how they solve problems those products don’t address. These studies can often uncover not just single but multiple new product opportunities for companies to pursue

Introducing the Best Possible Products

  • How do I identify the best design to introduce?
  • How do I pick the best color for my new collection?
  • Which design will have the greatest appeal to my target consumers?

Design Research is the only company with proven, proprietary design testing techniques to identify the designs with the best sales potential. We have conducted hundreds of such studies and we are certain that we can increase your sales and market share by helping you introduce the best possible new designs, regardless of your product category.

When we say “Triple Your Sales,” we aren’t making an irresponsible sales claim. A number of our clients have shared sales results with us. By comparing sales volumes of designs that we consumer tested and recommended with sales volumes of designs that were introduced without consumer testing and based solely on management judgment, we find a 2.5 to 3 fold advantage in volume enjoyed by the tested and recommended products. This relationship has held up for a number of brands and product categories. So when we say “triple your sales” we are quite serious. Contact us today to learn more.