Brand Awareness and Brand Equity Research

Brand names should mean something. We hope that if you have examined our website and, especially, if you have worked with us, that our brand – Design Research – means quality research and informed and experienced advice coming from people of high integrity. We know that this is what we are about. But do you know that? How? Because we said so? Translate these questions to your own brand. You have a belief in what you stand for, but is there a gap between how you are perceived and how you would like to be perceived? Do all of your constituents see you the same way? Should they?

Brand equity research is about defining how your brand is seen by its most important audiences. Awareness is usually the first component of such research followed by an exploration of what is believed to be true about the brand and finally an evaluation of whether brand perceptions are strong enough to lead to positive actions; namely purchases of your products. It can also be about the value of your brand in itself. We have conducted research to help companies establish the value of their brand(s) by defining awareness of the brand and often ownership levels and purchase likelihood levels as well – all factors prospective corporate purchasers care a great deal about.