Our Clients

We are a full-service research firm conducting research in a wide variety of industries.

However, our particular sweet-spot is on products made for the home (hard goods, soft goods, furnishings, household appliances, kitchen, bath, and clean & contain products) as well as products made for ensuring the happiness and security of people in the home (insurance, financial services).

We also have depth of experience in food service, retail, pharmaceutical, personal care products, and designer brands.

Our wealth of experience has also led us to attract many trade associations, investment companies, consulting companies, and magazines as clients.

Flatware / Silverware / Cutlery



Kitchen Appliances / Household Appliances

Food Prep

Home Furnishings

Everyday Tabletop Dining

Premium Tabletop Dining

Home Textiles

Clean & Contain

Bathroom Fixtures

Home Fixturing / Hardware

Designer Brands

Specialty Giftware

Food Service



Pharmaceutical / Medical

Skin Care / Personal Care Products

Advertising Agencies

Insurance / Financial Services

Investment Companies

Consulting Companies

Trade Associations