Design Research is thrilled to announce our collaboration with food trends expert and consultant Jane Freiman.

Jane spent 27 years developing and running the Campbell Soup Company Consumer Test Kitchen.  She has a keen understanding of consumers’ cooking needs and behaviors across the globe.   At Campbell’s Jane was responsible for recipe testing and development, kitchen and food trends tracking, partnerships with appliance and food prep tool manufacturers and for developing and running a recipe database.  Prior to Campbell’s, Jane was Home Economist/Nutritionist for Durkee French Foods and Consumer Relations Specialist at North American Philips Corp. where she tested and evaluated small kitchen appliances.

Jane graduated from Winthrop University with a BS in Home Economics with a concentration in Food and Nutrition and a minor in Business. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Working with Jane, Design Research is now offering the following services:

In-Home Product Testing  

  • We can test everything from tools and gadgets to cookware to appliances.
  • Product Optimization, Ease of Use, Clarity of Instructions, Quality, Taste, etc.
  • Let an experienced chef test your products before you take them to market.
  • Eliminate problems before they become apparent.


Taste Testing of New Foods

  • For food providers and food preparers


Recipe Testing and Evaluation

  • Appeal, Taste, Ease of Use, Consistency, Quality that drive product usage


Recipe Creation or Refinement

  • Does your new appliance come with a recipe book to showcase its capabilities?
  • Do you need outstanding recipes to make it shine?  We can create them.


Food and Kitchen Trends Presentations customized to your business

  • Is your team on top of food trends?  Is your team aware of kitchen design trends?  Technology trends?  Let us bring them up to speed with day long seminars and workshops on your premises.
  • For Brainstorming sessions, to aid the product development process, to ensure relevant marketing messaging, for packaging design, social media focus, etc.


Partnership Facilitation

  • We help build partnerships between food providers and food preparation tools companies


Contact us today to learn more about how these services can enhance your product offerings and strategy today!  Email