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What is Your Confidence Level in Market Research?

How To Avoid Disappointing Research

Last week I was on a call with an ad agency we do a lot of research work with.   We were talking about a new prospect of theirs that wants to do research but is leery of it because they had some bad experiences.  I hate hearing that.  We structure our work so that never happens.

Here’s what we do to avoid disappointing our clients and what you should always demand of your research partners. 

Is Your Packaging Effective?

Does It Sell Your Product or simply Contain it?

Our Clients Know How the Pandemic Has Changed Demand for their Products

Do You?

Throughout the last two years, we have been helping clients to understand how the pandemic has affected their business.  We’ve accomplished this by interviewing their customers – from their own lists and from national samples of those who have recently purchased in their product categories – about how the pandemic has changed their behaviors.  Our clients have been able to adjust their product offerings and their product development schedules accordingly and they have thrived. 

How Best In Class Companies are Anticipating a Post-Covid World

Listen to a Podcast Featuring our Janine Michalek Discussing this Topic with Fran Groesbeck of the Cookware Manufacturers Association

Are You Selling on Amazon By The Seat of Your Pants?

Amazon Analytics:  The Key to Amazon Sales Growth - and the Growth of Your Company!

Does Your Advertising Actually Compel Consumers To Buy Your Product?

Focus on Relevance

The New York Times had a fascinating article about the use of masks during the pandemic.  The article pointed to behavioral research findings that people tend to do what they see others doing.   As the article put it…”Seeing what many others are doing lends itself to imitation.  We think that gives us a clue to what is the most valid response, what is the objectively correct thing to do.”  So, we do it.  We mimic each other.  In the absence of other behavioral clues, we copy others.


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