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Does Your Company Have a Corporate Memory?

Knowledge is Power, How to Share Corporate Insights (Knowledge) to Accelerate Your Success

International Research

Faster and Easier Than Ever

We haven’t talked about it much in our blog, but Design Research also conducts international research.  We’ve been interviewing consumers in the US and Canada for many years for international clients wanting to understand these two very large markets.  Now we find ourselves interviewing consumers in other countries for both American and international clients. 

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Where is your product development headed?

Nothing dominates the design of a kitchen so much as the cabinets.  Cabinet colors and style define the remainder of the kitchen as well as being an expensive, long term investment.  Our analysis of the quantitative Houzz image data (see last blog post – “White Still Dominates” – for further background on this data) shows that, despite all the pandemic focus on redecorating, the fundamentals of kitchen design remain unchanged and straightforward. 

A few key facts: 

What is Your Confidence Level in Market Research?

How To Avoid Disappointing Research

Last week I was on a call with an ad agency we do a lot of research work with.   We were talking about a new prospect of theirs that wants to do research but is leery of it because they had some bad experiences.  I hate hearing that.  We structure our work so that never happens.

Here’s what we do to avoid disappointing our clients and what you should always demand of your research partners. 


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