Drink Sensuously

One of our favorite new products we spotted at the 2014 International Housewares Show,  was the new twist on drinkware presented by Arc International and Roberts Wineware.  The Roberts products actually enhance the taste of beverages

Flavor is enhanced by stimulating the senses through the addition of textures on the surface of the glass where the lips meet the glass.  This brought us back to our old days at Lenox when we drank our coffee out of fine china mugs with raised enamel dots on the rims.  We always laughed that coffee just tasted better out of fine china.  Now Roberts has proven through science that it tasted better because of the textural stimulation it provided our lips!  Who knew?  We also like their tagline:  Drink Sensuously. 

[Darrol Roberts of Roberts Wineware and Tom Moleski of Arc International at the 2014 International Housewares Show, Chicago]