Introducing Bridal Monitor™

How important is it to you to capture new consumers?  People who have never owned your products before and have no experience with your brand?  People who are setting up their households for the first time and establishing life-long patterns of product use and brand loyalty?  For most brands, the answer would have to be “new consumers are extremely important to us.”  It follows then that knowing how your brand is selling with new consumers would be extremely important to your strategy and planning.  Clearly one of the most important avenues to understanding the behavior of newly forming consuming households is the bridal registry.  And, yes, individual stores do share individual registration data with vendors.  But that data does not supply a complete picture of the overall incidence of registration across stores, across regions, across price points and, of course by brand.  Only Bridal Monitor™ provides that information.  And it does so at far less expense than traditional store audits do. 

How does it work?  Bridal Monitor surveys thousands of engaged or newly married households asking them classification questions about themselves (age, education, household income, region, etc.) and asking them about which product categories they registered for and which brands they registered for in each product category.  It also questions which stores they registered in.  This enables us to look at brand share of registrations by category, by store and by store by category.  No other source has this information.  For our clients’ convenience, we report this data in convenient category-sized reports so that clients can buy only what they need. 

In addition, we also invite clients and potential clients to ask questions of our brides.  Several times per year we run surveys with them and clients can participate with custom questions that are completely confidential to the client.  So please call to learn more about how to use Bridal Monitor reports to establish a life-long relationship with your target customer today! 



Want to ask your own questions of engaged or recently married women?  We are working on the next wave of bridal monitor and we have room for proprietary questions.  You can ask at least 500 couples closed-ended questions for prices as low as $495/question or about $1 per answer.    Call or email us today for more information!


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