Too Much Work?

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You’ve lost valuable time. Perhaps you lost staff too. Whatever momentum your products had is lost in the chaos that has beset retail. The only way to get it all back on track is the hard way, the right way. With well thought-through presentations based on facts and meaningful analysis. Not easy to provide at this moment, but we can help, maybe even up your game a bit.
We understand how to get things done quickly and efficiently to meet your deadlines!  Our help is available on a daily basis or on a project basis.
Yes, we’re researchers but we’re also strategists. Prior to founding Design Research, Rick Babick was Vice President, Research and Strategic Planning for Lenox, Inc. In that capacity he oversaw annual budget and strategic plan development, prepared M&A documents and participated in planning at the highest level of the company.
Janine Michalek, previously Director of Research for Lenox, Inc. prepared budget and sales meeting materials and retail product presentations. She analyzed product portfolios vs. the marketplace identifying key opportunities, and tracked design and lifestyle trends for strategic product development.
We have the skills and experience to put your products and plans in the best possible light for your employees, your suppliers, your retail partners and your business partners. Perhaps we can put you in a better light than you have previously been able to achieve!

Our help is available on a daily basis or on a project basis.

Call us (609)896-1108 or email us ( or and let us help you get back on track!

 Here is a list of our support services:

·     Sales Meeting Presentations

·     Retailer Product Presentations

·     Budget and Strategic Plan Development Work

·     M&A Support

·     Product Development Support

·     Sales Audit Analysis

·     Competitor Reviews

·     Employee Surveys

·     General Support


We look forward to partnering with you on your road to success!