A Winning Combination = Better for the Planet + Makes Life Easier!

Our trend data reveals more and more consumers are concerned with the environmental friendlienss of the products they purchase.  At the International Housewares show we were glad to see many manufacturers taking this consumer need into account.



 ZAK’s re-cycled, biodegradable dinnerware certainly fit the bill.  Not only did it come in great colors, but it is kind to the environment, an attribute that continues to grow in consumer importance.  In fact, our research shows that environmentally kind products and packaging are purchase considerations   for about one-third of consumers in total – and rises significantly in importance among those that own premium cookware products (43%) as well as skilled cooks (37%) and those who live in urban areas (37%).

  [Image: Zak Designs Biodegradable Dinnerware]



While mother taught me to never put wood products in the dishwasher as they would dry out and crack, at BergHOFF we were impressed by the beautiful, dish washer SAFE woods made from ecologically sound bamboo.   I’m all for anything that makes my life easier (as is the consumer!).

[Image: BergHOFF]



Simpleware featured cutting board kits with a variety of benefits.  A perforated top enables a no-mess run-off to a draining bottom that not only preserves juices you may want but is non-skid and doesn’t move around on counter tops.  Interchangeable cutting surfaces eliminate having to constantly wash the surface to avoid food contamination.  Sizing to fit in cabinets eliminates storage problems and, of course, the entire product is dishwasher safe.