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The American Living Survey is an on-going program of surveys about American homes and lifestyles. We invest in this survey for the benefit of our clients. The purpose of the report is to provide accurate, timely design context information. Context is the key word here. Anyone can survey websites, trade shows, art fairs, etc. and make a case for any color, design, theme, etc. We give context to those directions. We tell you that green makes up 15% of the accent colors in the kitchen. Therefore, your new green collection will garner at most 15% of the market. Your new Tuscan collection will attract at most 5% of the market, etc.

The TALS Difference

There are many design and color gurus who predict and prognosticate what designs are hot. The proliferation of such sources can leave a dedicated observer hopelessly confused. Today it is possible to find support for an entire design direction that might represent very limited potential, just by combing through all the forecasts out there. And here’s the thing about all those competitive forecasts. You’ll never see where they look back five years to see how things have changed. There is no scientific tracking. It is always “here’s what’s new.” The 2019 TALS report tracks data from 2013 through the present. To understand what colors will be strong next year, it helps a great deal to not only know how big they are this year but also to see where they came from a few years ago; to see the trends. That’s a large part of the TALS difference. Our numbers are quantified and trended.

Here are some examples of how design data can be used and abused by our competitors.


Other Guys Design Research Insights

Yellow is huge!!!

Yes, Yellow doubled in strength…Yellow grew from 5% to 10% as an accent color

Black is Busting Out All Over!!

Black is trending, especially as an accent color. Black grew from 4% to 11% as a primary color and from 9% to 21% as an accent color

Consumers See Gold as Earned Reward for their labors

Gold as an accent rose from 3% to 8% year over year 2018 to 2019

Earth tones are Dead

Earth tones remain steady in their appeal as accent colors – 17% in 2013 and 17% in 2019


Age Matters

TALS has taught us that each generation is unique in their tastes and style in home décor. They also differ in what they see as important in product attributes. What excites and delights Millennials in kitchen products is different than what’s important to Boomers. This TALS report provides strategic insight into key drivers for each generation.


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The 2016 American Living Survey is the essential design tool for anyone marketing products related to the kitchen. TALS now brings you four straight years of quantitative design, style and color trends in the American kitchen. Find out what Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers are seeking in their kitchens. This year TALS also explores color from numerous sources to enhance and expand understanding of the role of color in the kitchen and the home. Each TALS wave also explores a topic outside of design and this wave looks at consumers and brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is alive and well, but it depends on what your brand stands for.


This report analyzes consumer wants, needs, and desires in all things related to the kitchen and kitchen products. IMPORTANTLY, this report includes 3 year trends in kitchen styles and colors. What vibe do Americans want their kitchen to communicate? What styles are most popular? What styles are down-trending? What are the hottest accent colors being used in the kitchen today? Just how big are red accents in the kitchen? Learn this and more in this 122 page report.


This 107 page report contains many of the same reports and charts as the sister “Generations” report, but focuses on comparing and contrasting gender and household income differences, instead of generational differences. This report can stand alone in its reporting of furniture shopping attitudes and main living space style preferences or it can be used as a perfect complement to the Generations report. If you wish to purchase both reports the price for the second report is $497.50. This pricing is not available through the online store, so if you wish to purchase both reports, please contact us directly via phone (609) 896-1108 or email ( for quick service.


This report focuses on how each generation – X, Y and the Boomers – have different attitudes and behaviors when it comes to researching, shopping for and purchasing home furnishings products. It also highlights the generations’ taste differences in styles in the living room, family room and kitchen along with preference differences in the main color and accent colors in those rooms. This 142 page study examines the following:


Our second annual report on kitchen design and food trends. In addition to information on color and design trends, this report delves into consumers’ attitudes about kitchen life and kitchen products and how those are intertwined with and indicative of changing cooking and dining trends. This 200 page study contains the following:


This TALS report studies the main room people “live in” in their homes (beyond the kitchen). It examines design in the main living space in relation to our changing work/home/lifestyle trends. This 187 page report contains the following:


This report is a comprehensive study of US Kitchens. It examines design in the kitchen in relation to our changing cooking and dining lifestyles. Contents of this 131 page report are: