Are You Selling on Amazon By The Seat of Your Pants?

Amazon Analytics:  The Key to Amazon Sales Growth - and the Growth of Your Company!

Amazon was thriving pre-Pandemic, and has only become more entrenched with consumers globally since the Pandemic.  Their 1st quarter net sales grew a stunning 44%!  Yesterday we learned their momentum continues with a 2nd quarter net sale increase of 40%!  And the Home category is one of Amazon’s largest.  Whether you sell on Amazon or don’t –it is now critical to your business to understand your category's sales on Amazon.

Design Research is very excited to announce that we have entered into a representation agreement with an Amazon analytics provider.  Through this partnership we can now offer advanced analytics on all aspects of your Amazon presence (as well as all of your competitors!) from keyword positioning to product performance to global sales tracking, all from one source.  Our partner scrapes the entire Amazon site every day!  They have complete data on every product, every brand, every price, every feature, every rating and they incorporate all of that to create highly accurate market projections at all levels:  products, brands, and categories. 

Here is what a subscriber (whether you currently sell on Amazon or are just thinking about it) to advanced Amazon analytics can get:

  • Access projections of your own unit and dollar sales and the sales of your competitors in your category (or of any product from any company that is selling through Amazon). 
  • Establish category sales tracking reports to monitor category trends.
  • Monitor your and your competitors’ orders, shipments, inventories, prices and best seller rankings at the product, category and subcategory levels.   
  • Access data that goes back two years to track all of the above. 
  • See the mix of your sales (1st person) and your retailers’ sales (3rd party) and track sales over time.
  • Share of voice – identify the top keywords in each product category to ensure that you are employing them in your listings.
  • Monitor your products performance in sponsored brands, sponsored ads and various other Amazon features.
  • Set up alerts that tell you when competitors change their offerings such as price changes, listings changes or out-of-stocks.
  • Perform custom analyses to gain better insights into your Amazon sales.  You might, for example, change a price to see how that price affects the sales of your other products as well as the sales of your competitors’ products.
  • Analyze your categories for gaps in product offerings by style, features, prices, etc.
  • Monitor sales of your products to identify knock-offs or counterfeit sellers.


Most of our clients use some form of Amazon analytics.  The biggest concern we hear is that this support is disjointed because it comes from multiple sources.  Most also only provide the clients own information – not the FULL MARKET INFORMATION!   Take charge of your Amazon business today by unifying your analytics into one advanced source that you control. 

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