Are Your New Product Plans in Place for 2022?

 We Can Help You Identify Products Consumers Really Want

Summer is over and, for many companies, it’s time to get serious with product plans for 2022.  Fall is traditionally the time we get busy testing potential introductions.  Summer saw concept testing.  Fall brings product testing.  Buttoned up companies know what they are going to introduce at what prices by year-end.  That means orders can be placed, packaging and support materials can be finalized, sales teams can be trained and retail partners can be informed of the new assortment.  

Are you ready?  Do you have the statistics to prove to your retailers that your products merit their investment in dollars and shelf space?  Do your salespeople pitch retailers by saying “Isn’t this great?  My mother-in-law loves it.”  Our clients’ salespeople pitch retailers by saying things like this:  “We tested these new products with 300 of your customers who have shopped your store for this category in the past 6 months and we found that they preferred our new product over 3 of the 6 products you currently carry.  This new product will increase your current category sales.”   Which of those statements do you want to arm your sales team with?  

Here's what we can do for  you right now...
Typically we are near the end of the product development cycle at this time of year.  That means finalizing which products to introduce and how to position them in terms of pricing, names, advertising, packaging, etc. 



Goal:  Test your new introductions against your existing line and against your top competitors.  If your new products meets or beats the competition you have a winner – AND a great story to tell your retailers – backed by actual statistics.  (Tip:  Don’t forget to stress to your retailers that you have invested in your relationship with them through research, thus showing your appreciation and support for their business and minimizing their risk of having slow selling goods.  They will appreciate you!)

Target audience:  Nationally representative sample of people who have purchased the category in the past six months or plan to in the next six months.

Additional Audience Screening: Retailer customer audiences comprised of people who have shopped your category in target retailers stores in the past six months.  (We have done this testing with consumers from as many as ten retailers in the same study – very cost effective!)  

Additional Benefits:  These quantitative tests can also identify:

  • Optimum pricing
  • Most important messaging (what triggers purchase)
  • Best packaging designs
  • Product/Collection Naming


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