Consumers Embrace QR Codes during Covid

QR Codes offer an easy route to Consumer Surveys!

Clients often come to us seeking to conduct research with their consumers.  Our first question is always “do you have a list?”  The answer is usually “no” followed by qualified comments about having several not very good lists.  They usually have names of people who contacted customer service, maybe some who registered with their website, maybe some who registered for promotions.  Or they point to social media sources, which can be great or terrible, biased or not and possibly filled your competitors who are watching your every move. 

Building usefule consumer lists is hard.  The options are limited.  You can pack return postcards in boxes, offer web-site product registrations, or web-site registry but response rates are typically low. 

So what are the options in conducting research with my customers? 

We can conduct very large online surveys seeking to identify client’s consumers through their behavior (Have you purchased X from Y company in the past 12 months?)  Depending on your category, incidence can be very low, bringing a high cost to conduct the research.  Plus clients never see the names, so it’s a one-time effort. 

However, there is a better way.  We recommend printing QR codes right on your packaging or right on your product (perhaps with a sticker).  True, QR codes are not new and have been around for two decades now.   But the pandemic has spurred an increase in QR code usage, for most consumers using QR codes is now second nature.   In 2017 iPhone made QR codes easier to use, with no app needed.   Plus, QR codes no longer need to be black and white digital boxes – they can be customized using colors, your logo, an icon, or whatever you’d like to attract consumers to engage with you and your brand.  Here's a great example of creativity in a QR code.

QR codes are now a vital way to 1) cultivate your consumer list and 2) increase communications and relay messaging to your consumers.   The possibilities are endless – product usage instructions, recipes, how-to-videos, in-store experiential shopping, ties to social media, etc, etc.

One of the key benefits of QR codes is you can change your message at any time. Thus, when you are ready to conduct a survey, we can provide the survey link that you can embed right into your QR code messaging.  

To learn more about surveying your consumers, contact us at or call 609.896.1108.