Design Research Expands Test Kitchen Capabilities

From Expert Product Testing to Recipe Testing or Creation to Kitchen Trends Presentations

Our first collaboration with Jane of Smart Kitchen Insights is a project to identify best practices for recipe presentation on an appliance manufacturer’s website.  There are many websites that offer recipes and there are many websites that offer recipes specific to countertop cooking appliances such as air fryers and slow cookers and juicers.  These products, due to their specific capacities and cooking temperatures need to supply their consumers with custom recipes.  Many websites supply recipes in support of their products, but what is supplied and how it is supported vary considerably.  We are surveying the field, identifying best practices and recommending partners to enhance our client’s utility to their consumers – very much in line with our Chicago speech topic – “The Sale Doesn’t End at the Register!”

Working with Jane, Design Research is now offering the following services:

In-Home Expert Product Testing  
   We can test everything from tools and gadgets to cookware to appliances.
    Product Optimization, Ease of Use, Clarity of Instructions, Quality, Taste, etc.
→    Let an experienced chef test your products before you take them to market.
    Eliminate problems before they become apparent.
Taste Testing of New Foods

    For food providers and food preparers
Recipe Testing and Evaluation
    Appeal, Taste, Ease of Use, Consistency, Quality that drive product usage
Recipe Creation or Refinement
→    Does your new appliance come with a recipe book to showcase its capabilities?
→   Do you need outstanding recipes to make your product shine?  We can create them.
Food and Kitchen Trends Presentations customized to your business
    Is your team on top of food trends?  Is your team aware of kitchen design trends?  Technology trends?  Let us bring them up to speed with day long seminars and workshops on your premises or elsewhere.
    For Brainstorming sessions, to aid the product development process, to ensure relevant marketing messaging, for packaging design, social media focus, etc.
Partnership Facilitation
    We help build partnerships between food providers and food preparation tools companies

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