Design Research Introduces 3D ANIMATION for Product Testing

Bring Your Products to Life (whether they exist or not!)

Design Research, in collaboration with our friends at Cozzolino Studio, is pleased to be able to offer 3D animated video for our product, design, and concept testing.  Your new product ideas no longer need to rely only on verbal descriptions and still images in product/design testing or concept testing.  We can take your still images, whether real or CAD-CAM, and transform them into live video with voiceovers or text to explain the workings of products that may not even exist. 

Demonstrate and test product features, showcase new technologies, show products in use. 

There is no longer a need to leave anything to the consumer’s imagination and yet there is also no need to spend money and time developing working prototypes.  We can breathe life into your concepts quickly and easily.  And you can use those same animations to sell successful concepts into your key accounts while the product development process is taking place. 

Click the link below to see a brief sample that explains how recycling works.  The topic is recycling because we can’t share proprietary product videos.  But note the clear imagery and imagine how it can illustrate your new product ideas. 

Sample Animation Video

Call or email us today to learn more about 3D animation for your research and selling tool kits!  609.896.1108