Does Your Consumer Research Make HEADLINES?

Yet Another Benefit of Market Research!

Regular readers of this blog often hear our thoughts on the often unrecognized benefit of market research:  its utility as a sales tool.  Many of our clients use successful research results to get their products sold into key retailers.  That’s the second key benefit of research (after, of course, the primary benefit of better informed decisions on all aspects of product, marketing and strategic decisions.)

Last week one of our clients reminded us of a third key benefit of consumer research:  public relations, brand promotions, social media, and goodwill.  She proudly shared a press release in which she had quoted custom research we did for her that spoke of consumers’ needs for and enthusiasm for her product category during the pandemic. 

Her glowing article wasn’t about Design Research (although she was kind enough to mention us) or about her company.  It was about how consumers who are stuck at home are taking greater interest in all aspects of the home, her category in particular.  The positive research findings were no accident either.  This was planned.  We worked with her to write questions that would explore consumer attitudes and would be shareable via press release.  Not only does this use of research further her category, it also furthers perceptions of her brand as a category thought leader with retailers.

Do you find yourself wondering how you could use research for public relations?  Here are some ideas that might spur your imagination on this:

  • What’s the most important benefit of your category?
  • How has interest in/usage of/purchases of your category changed due to the pandemic?
  • Are consumers spending less, the same, more on your category today and why?
  • Who in the household is the primary user of your category and how is that changing?
  • What role do outside influences (such as social media) play in category usage and purchase behavior?
  • Who are the chief influencers in the category?
  • What are the biggest unmet needs in the category? 


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