Fed Chairman Forecasts 2021as Best Year for the Economy in 30 Years

Are you Prepared for a Great Year?

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell forecast 6-7% GDP growth for the second half of 2021.  He indicated that most Wall Street forecasters concur that it will be a strong year.  He also said interest rates are unlikely to rise above 2%.  Coupled with the estimated $2 trillion pent up (read saved and unspent) dollars that consumers saved last year 2021 promises to be a terrific year for those who are prepared for it.  Are you prepared for it?

If you’ve been diligently working toward a stronger year in 2021, you have a pipeline of new products that represents a mix of completely new products and upgrades on your current successes.  Perhaps you are even preparing to venture into new product categories.  In the past few months we have helped clients with projects such as these:

  • A new licensing project
  • New designs for a successful but design-tired product 
  • A brand repositioning study
  • A Category Attitude, Awareness and Usage Study Including a Brand Image Assessment
  • A Brand Tracking Study
  • Two New Concept/Design Studies
  • A Retailer Customer Satisfaction Study


There are two themes to these projects.

Clients are carefully examining their brands – what they mean to consumers, their strengths, weaknesses and the potential they hold to take brands to new categories and opportunities.

Clients are also looking carefully at their new products, testing acceptance with consumers and tweaking the products and the designs to maximize their success potential.  Getting it right BEFORE going to market has never been more critical.  

If you don’t want to risk putting less than 5-star rated products into what could be the strongest market in the next decade CONTACT US NOW.  RIck@Designres.com  We will assure you maximize the potential for your new products and your brand.   Call or email us today with your challenges and we’ll provide a free assessment of how research can propel you to the forefront of this 2021 wave of potential.