Free Research Planning Tool

Design Research Releases Research Planning Tool

Good Research Results from a Good Plan

Do you sometimes wish you had a crystal ball that would let you read consumers’ minds?  Have you recently come off a series of product introductions that have brought underwhelming results? Do you want to improve your new product success rate?  Are your retail partners telling you to do your homework in order to earn their shelf space?

If any of these thoughts is familiar and you find yourself wishing you knew how to do consumer research, your worries are over.  Design Research just released a free research planning tool.  This brief document lists and explains everything you need to be aware of and thinking about in order to initiate a research project.  

This planning kit includes the following:
•    A list of typical research project objectives in order to give insight into how to think about research.
•    Questions relating to products to be included in the research (if any)
•    Practical questions on packaging if you have an interest in testing your packaging.
•    A discussion on price testing considerations.
•    A list of key demographic variables to analyze the results by.
•    A discussion on tailoring research to specific retailers.  

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