FREE WEBINAR: Sustainability for Housewares Companies

Are You Getting the Credit You Deserve for Your Efforts?

Design Research prepared two presentations for the Inspired Home Show.  Both were recorded as webinars.  The first, entitled “Sustainability for Housewares Companies” is introduced below and available to watch here.  For a pdf copy of the presentation click here. 

Consumer interest in and demand for environmentally friendly and more recently environmentally sustainable products has been with us for years.   Sustainability has not been a significant factor in hard goods categories such as housewares because few resources were offering it.  With few products on the market, consumers did not have sustainable options to select.  That’s changing rapidly.  A combination of innovative new technologies, innovative new brands, retailer demand and consumer demand are bringing more sustainable products to the fore.  We believe this trend will intensify and that brands that lack sustainability credentials will suffer. 

One of the key points we hope you will take away from the presentation is that you might not be getting credit for your current sustainability efforts.  Please contact us to discuss ways to identify and capitalize on your current and planned efforts for maximum return on your sustainability investment.

To learn more about this topic, please watch the 18 minute webinar.