Is this a Good Time to Conduct Online Research?

You Bet It Is!  

Have you noticed the rise in emails you are getting from retailers, non-profits and businesses of all kinds?  They’ve realized that Americans are working at home, glued to their computers and mobile devices.  Our research is benefitting from that too.  Respondents feel that they have the time to spend a few extra minutes participating in surveys and that’s great for our industry and great for you too!  A major panel company is reporting that 95% of their panelists said they are the same or more likely to take surveys now than they were three weeks ago.  95% also said it is appropriate for companies to be sending surveys in the current environment.  
There’s no time like the present to take stock of the situation and begin planning for what comes next after the virus is behind us.  And when those stores reopen, will your products be on the shelves and will your new product pipeline be up and ready?

Smart companies are focusing on product development and strengthened marketing tactics to assure they are connecting with how consumers are shopping now....and that they will be there with the right products when stores reopen.

Anyone who has read our blog posts ( knows that we are strong believers in investing in the insurance policy that is new product testing .  Unlike insurance that you pay a lot for and hope to never use, consumer research is an inexpensive policy that pays you back every time you use it.   For us to run a design or new product test that evaluates about ten or more new designs or new product ideas with an audience of carefully defined category purchasers, the cost is less than $1000/design or concept tested, often a lot less than that!  Think about an investment of a few hundred dollars versus the cost of creating and bringing to market a new design or product.  Think about how many new designs and products are weak sellers.  If all of your introductions were successes, your profitability picture would be much stronger.  A typical study takes three weeks.  

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