How Best In Class Companies are Anticipating a Post-Covid World

Listen to a Podcast Featuring our Janine Michalek Discussing this Topic with Fran Groesbeck of the Cookware Manufacturers Association

We know consumer behavior changed when we went into lockdown last year.  We know due to lockdowns and fear, focus turned toward the home and specifically the kitchen, with increased grocery purchasing and increased kitchenware purchasing.  But what is happening now that we are emerging from the pandemic?  Are consumers back to their old habits, or has behavior changed permanently?   How do we see past the confusion caused by the widespread product shortages from distribution bottlenecks?  What behaviors will stick and what behaviors are changing yet again?  

Do you understand how the market for your product category has changed?

Much of the research we have done this year is in Attitude, Awareness and Usage Studies.  These are fundamental research studies that provide strategic information on the foundation of a particular product category marketplace.  Consumers share how they are using products, how their usage has changed and how they think it will change in the future.  These studies examine brand awareness, purchase triggers and path to purchase – all of which have changed significantly in the past two tumultuous years. 

Janine Michalek, Vice President of Market Intelligence with Design Research, was recently interviewed on this topic by Fran Groesbeck, Managing Director of the Cookware Manufacturers Association.  Please click here to listen to the podcast.