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Use Cash Register Tracking to Target Specific Survey Respondents

One of the biggest challenges we face in conducting research is in interviewing the right consumer.

Our approach has always been to screen very carefully.  In addition to demographic questions such as age, gender and household income, we always ask if they are the decision-maker for the product category in question and if they have purchased the category in the past six to twelve months.  Depending on project requirements we may go deeper still to seek the brand of the recently purchased product, the amount spent, which retailer the purchase was made through, how involved they are in the category, lifestyle or lifestage characteristics, etc.  Only through screening a  clearly defined target audience, will a study yield reliable and actionable study findings.   The bottom line is, you can have an excellent survey, with all the right questions…but if you ask the wrong people you are no closer to the answers you seek.

We are happy to say, we can offer our clients a great strategic advantageusing cash register receipts we can target and survey consumers we know to have purchased a specific product, or a specific product category, in a specific store/stores, in a specific time period.  Using cash register receipts we can target your recent purchaser.  Or perhaps your competitor’s recent purchaser.  Or perhaps category purchasers of a retailer that you haven’t been able to sell into yet.  Those receipts contain a lot of valuable information about your consumers!

Take a moment to think about the implications of this...

Imagine that you haven’t been able to get your product into say, Target.  Imagine scheduling a meeting with a Target buyer and being able to say “I just finished a research project in which we interviewed your Target consumers – consumers identified through Target’s own cash register receipts system – and our new product was preferred two to one over your top selling product.”   That buyer is almost certainly going to say “how did you interview my customers?”  and you’ll be ready to say “Our research partner, Design Research accessed your recent purchasers through validated shopper scanning,  a system that permits researchers to target people based on where they shop and what they buy.”  It’s hard to argue with that level of specificity and confidence. 

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