International Research

Faster and Easier Than Ever

We haven’t talked about it much in our blog, but Design Research also conducts international research.  We’ve been interviewing consumers in the US and Canada for many years for international clients wanting to understand these two very large markets.  Now we find ourselves interviewing consumers in other countries for both American and international clients. 

And the good news is that international research is faster and easier than ever.  Today, we can launch studies online in multiple countries at the same time and have the answers back in the same time frame as domestic research – usually about three weeks.   Costs vary by country, so international research can cost somewhat more, but that depends on which countries are in the mix.  Interviewing in some countries is less expensive than in the US.

International research is definitely worth it!  Even if you make no changes to the products you sell internationally, it is critically important that your product presentation fits the needs and understanding of people in each market.  We have conducted research with multiple countries evaluating the same products.  We've found while people can support a product in various countries in Europe and Asia, preferences for features and benefits vary by country, as their lifestyles and living environments spur different needs.  Thus, to be successful, that product and its total message must express how it meets the needs of people in each specific country and culture. 


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