Is It Time to Rethink Your Chinese Sourcing Strategy?

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Would your products sell better if they weren’t made in China?  How about if they were made in the US?  How about if they were made in Germany?  Japan?  Italy?  Indonesia? 

Could you charge more money if your products were made in the US?  How about in other countries?  What premiums do other countries command over China? 

We have conducted dozens of “country of origin” research projects.  We know how to ask questions that deliver reliable answers on  this complex issue.  We don’t simply ask consumers questions like “would you pay more for this it was made in the US?”  We have far subtler ways at getting at real purchase behavior.   Time and again our research results have been borne out in the marketplace.

Can you authoritatively answer the following questions about your business?

  •           Does the country of origin of my products matter?
  •           If so, which consumers does it matter to and why?
  •           Are there countries that are perceived as better sources than the ones I use?
  •           What are they?
  •           Will the perceived value of goods from those countries enable me to charge enough to retain my sales and profitability? 


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