The Sale Doesn’t End at the Register

Understand the Power of the User Experience in Growing Your Brand  

Design Research is pleased to be invited back to speak again at the Chicago international housewares show (now known as “The Inspired Home Show”).  Our topic is “The Sale Doesn’t End at the Register:  Understand the Power of the User Experience in Growing Your Brand.”  This year, our presentation will have three components:

  •     Findings on the importance of communicating sustainability and environmental friendliness in your operations

  •    Findings on the importance of the user experience after the sale

  •    A focused discussion on the importance of post-sale support as seen in quality recipe support

These topics have a common theme:  they do not relate to specific product features, functionality and price.  They all relate to supporting products in intangible ways. 

We'll present research findings that demonstrate the growing importance consumers are placing on proof of environmentally safe and sustainable products at point of sale.  We'll present findings on the need for enhanced user experience to minimize after-the-sale costs and maximize future sales.   We'll present best practices in recipe support for products.

WHERE:  The Innovation Theater – Room E350 (Lakeside Center)

If you are in the North or South Pavilions, walk over the bridge, make an immediate right turn and follow the red carpet.

WHEN:  Sunday morning, March 15th at 10:30

Presenting the first two topics will be Rick Babick, President of Design Research and Janine Michalek, Vice President of Market Intelligence at Design Research.  Rick and Janine  have been long term presenters at the show, alternating between presenting research findings on general marketing issues relating to housewares and home goods and presenting trend information on design trends in the home.  We look forward to updating the design trends information next year – which will represent 9 years of data.  

Joining us for the presentation will be Jane Freiman of Smart Kitchen Insights Group.  Click here to read about our collaboration with Jane.