Tapping into Market Trends via Design Professionals

We Can Survey Interior Decorators

Most of the industry trade shows have been canceled this year.  That means all those trends watchers who visit and report on new product trends from the shows don’t have those key trends and forecasts to share.  So how will you refresh your line for 2021?  You can’t go out there with two year old trends data and, since consumers are still exposed to and buying from retailers online, consumer demand is still evolving. 

So how to stay on track?  

We recently gained access to a sample of interior designers and decorators.  This means that we can conduct quick, low-cost surveys of design experts. Here are some of the kinds of things they can share that your design team needs to know:

Assessments of what's hot/trending
  -->  Color Guides
  -->  Product Trends
  -->  Style Trends
  -->  Material Trends

   --> Client spending levels
  -->  Client needs, preferences, and interests

Images of rooms they have designed and decorated in the past 6 months, year
  -->   Images of specific accent pieces they have created or purchased
  -->  Collages of projects they’ve created 

   --> Design evaluations
   --> Concept evaluations
   --> Brand positioning feedback
   --> Advertising and packaging evaluations
   --> Color palette feedback
   --> Licensing and Branding feedback

In the absence of up-to-date trade show trends tracking, turn to the people who are face-to-face with consumers in the marketplace and exciting and delighting them today.  In fact, think about integrating them into your product development efforts on an on-going basis.  These quantitative studies yield strategic information (responses from hundreds of industry professionals) that is always more reliable than qualitative information gathered with a notebook and a camera by one person.

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