Target Your Efforts!

By end of summer, your company will have a large number of new product concepts and designs slated for introduction during the fall and winter shows.  Which will succeed? Which will fail? What would happen to your profitability if your hit rate rose 50%?  What if it doubled?  Tripled?  How much money would you save by eliminating half of the failures now rather than after they are tooled and production orders are placed?


Wouldn't it be great if you could eliminate losers and focus on only the winners now, before the shows? Let Design Research identify what consumers want to buy now so you can target your efforts on the most promising products in your pipeline.

Don't spend any more time and money on the losers - put all your effort and money into the winners!


Product Testing is Fast, Inexpensive and Effective:


Consumer Research Really Works!

Design Research has more than 70 years of experience testing designs and concepts in consumer goods.  Our proprietary testing system predicts product success 95%+ of the time.  (We’re happy to shared detailed statistics on that!)


Talk to Real Consumers!

Your mother-in-law, design director and management team are not your target consumers.  They are too savvy about your category and too sophisticated overall.  Real consumers give straight answers as to what they like and don’t like.  We deliver those answers with meaningful analysis and interpretation.


Consumer Research is not Expensive!

In fact, most of our product and design surveys cost less than $1000 per item tested.*  That’s not expensive when you consider all the costs associated with developing and bringing a product to market.  Especially if that product fails…  finding and eliminating product failures with small dollars spent on research leads to succeeding in big dollars in the real world!


Our Research is Reaffirmed Every Day!

Forget any previous experience you’ve had with research.  We are former corporate research directors whose jobs depended on getting correct answers.  We got it right, having a tremendous impact on our former employer’s (Lenox, Inc.) sales and profits for 22 years!  We know what we are doing. 


Let Design Research explain what we can do for you today and every day.  Contact us now.  We can have a proposal on your desk tomorrow!  Why wonder whether research is right for you or affordable?  We look forward to your call or email. 


(*Cost per item tested varies from about $500 to $1000 and tests are strongest when five or more designs are evaluated.  Measured against the cost of product development, this is a very small cost per product tested.)