Use Consumer Research to Sell Your Products In

A significant portion of the research we do today is dual purpose:   1) It identifies the products consumers want most, the products that will sell in the marketplace  2) it drives the sales pitch with key retailers.

Traditionally, market research has focused on identifying compelling consumer products; the right products at the right prices with the right packaging and the right promotions.  We do this every day using proprietary, statistically proven mechanisms that identify top sellers while weeding out weaklings that should never see a shelf.

Today, retailers are  more sophisticated and want to see those research results.  They want proof that your products have earned the right to a place on their shelves.  

Retailers Want to See Evidence

Evidence that the products you are pitching will sell.  Evidence that the products you are pitching are the products consumers seek. Gone are the days of retailers ordering products based on your gut feel or your mother-in-law's research or the survey you did with the folks in your office.  Also gone are the days of retailers taking a wait and see stance, effectively doing your research for you.

Crush the Competition

Today, we are tailoring research to specific retailers.  We are testing new products against existing competitive products with their shoppers thus providing our clients with proof to the retailer that their new products are not only good products in their own right, but also stronger products than the competitive offerings that already occupy their shelves. 

Increase Shelf Space, Increase Your Bottom Line

If you are not the category manager for your category, you stand little chance of garnering incremental shelf space at the expense of existing brands.  Those category managers are doing their homework and sharing it with their retailers and so must you.  Fewer weak sellers mean faster turn and profit for the retailer – and for you

So walk into your next retailer meeting prepared with solid proof that their consumers want your new products.

Call or email us today for more information on how Design Research can help you to test your products with consumers.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to test new products that hold so much potential for your company’s future!