Life Events That Lead to Housewares Purchases

Some people wander around in stores, see something they like and buy it. Most plan their purchases with specific needs in mind. Most purhcases arise from life events that bring new or changing needs. 16% of consumers reporting buying Cookware because they bought their first home or got married. 34% reported buying Cookware because they redecorated their kitchen.

Those newlyweds and first home buyers are likely Millennials and thus are targeted by most retailers and housewares marketers. But what about the 7% who bought Cookware for the additional home they just bought? Do you target them as well?

Life Events Bring Housewares Purchases
Life events are a tracking feature in HomeStats.  The chart below shows the incidence of life events of Cookware purchasers in 2016 versus the frequency those same events in the general population (whose Cookware purchase status is unknown).  The numbers in the boxes are the indexes of Cookware purchasers to the general population.  Significant Life Events give rise to Cookware Purchases.  The pattern is the same for other categories of housewares goods as well.  Learn about your category today by subscribing to HomeStats™ - HomeStats™, a lot more than just market size and share.