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Tapping into Market Trends via Design Professionals

We Can Survey Interior Decorators

Most of the industry trade shows have been canceled this year.  That means all those trends watchers who visit and report on new product trends from the shows don’t have those key trends and forecasts to share.  So how will you refresh your line for 2021?  You can’t go out there with two year old trends data and, since consumers are still exposed to and buying from retailers online, consumer demand is still evolving. 

Design Research Expands Test Kitchen Capabilities

From Expert Product Testing to Recipe Testing or Creation to Kitchen Trends Presentations


Optimize your Merchandising, Messaging, and Marketing by Understanding the Path to Purchase

You can’t impact consumer purchase decisions if you don’t know how they are made. 

Design Research Announces Product Manual Testing Service

What is your product return rate?

Do your retail partners ship products back to you or do they just discard them and charge you for returns?  What portion of those returns result from product shortcomings and what portion of those returns result from consumer shortcomings?  Meaning how often are consumers simply disappointed versus how often are the products not performing?


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