Does Your Advertising Actually Compel Consumers To Buy Your Product?

Focus on Relevance

The New York Times had a fascinating article about the use of masks during the pandemic.  The article pointed to behavioral research findings that people tend to do what they see others doing.   As the article put it…”Seeing what many others are doing lends itself to imitation.  We think that gives us a clue to what is the most valid response, what is the objectively correct thing to do.”  So, we do it.  We mimic each other.  In the absence of other behavioral clues, we copy others.

Color Matters!

How to Select the Right Colors for Your Products

Thank you for the strong response we received to our last blog post on color.  There was a lot of interest and that led us to this follow-up article on how to use research to select the best color or colors for your products. 

What Do Your Colors Say About You?

How Do You Know?

How much thought do you give to the colors of your products?  How about the color of your logo?  Your packaging?  How many years has it been since you’ve changed your colors?  What do your colors communicate about you to your consumers? 

How Research Can Define & Expand Your Brand

Growth Through a NEW Multi-Dimensional Perspective

(This is the first is a series of articles in reaction to reader responses to a survey we ran “What do you want to know about research”.  Thanks to everyone who responded!)

Your Organization is Worth Investing in!

Invest in Your Company the Way You Invest in Yourself

What is your personal investment strategy?  Max out your 401K to earn the highest employer matching percentage?  Save the first 5%, 10% of your pay to ensure that you are saving?  Invest in yourself by paying for an MBA?   Whatever your strategy,  you are wise to think long term and to follow the lesson from The Shawshank Redemption:  little by little will get you there in the end.* 

Fed Chairman Forecasts 2021as Best Year for the Economy in 30 Years

Are you Prepared for a Great Year?

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell forecast 6-7% GDP growth for the second half of 2021.  He indicated that most Wall Street forecasters concur that it will be a strong year.  He also said interest rates are unlikely to rise above 2%.  Coupled with the estimated $2 trillion pent up (read saved and unspent) dollars that consumers saved last year 2021 promises to be a terrific year for those who are prepared for it.  Are you prepared for it?