Which Generation(s) do you Market to?

Does your Messaging Hit or Miss the Target(s)?

We know instinctively that people of different ages have different viewpoints.  It’s part of life and it’s sometimes fun and sometimes frustrating.   For marketers it is also challenging.'

How to appeal to specific audiences or how to appeal to all audiences? 

How does a generational difference apply to my product category in particular? 

When Is The Best Time to Cut Research Spending?

When is the best time to rely on hope?

There’s an old adage that research and advertising are the first things to get cut when things get bad.  To us, that’s the equivalent of saying, “things are bad, so let’s wing it and hope for the best” – not the wisest of strategies.  We believe that when things are bad, it’s time to really focus and make sure everything you do is exactly right because mistakes aren't less costly at any time.

Is It Time to Rethink Your Chinese Sourcing Strategy?

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