Covid 19 Quarantine= Change is scary but it brings opportunity to those who embrace it

Are You Positioned for Long Term Structural Change?

We’ve all been reading about product categories that are hot due to the forced changes in lifestyle that are brought on by the quarantine:  home air and water purifiers, slow cookers, air fryers, counter-top grills, home organization, etc.  Those products are moving through Amazon, grocery stores, national chains that sell groceries, home centers and, of course, manufacturers’ websites.  How much of this behavior is temporary and home much will become permanent?

Tapping into Market Trends via Design Professionals

We Can Survey Interior Decorators

Most of the industry trade shows have been canceled this year.  That means all those trends watchers who visit and report on new product trends from the shows don’t have those key trends and forecasts to share.  So how will you refresh your line for 2021?  You can’t go out there with two year old trends data and, since consumers are still exposed to and buying from retailers online, consumer demand is still evolving.